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Trump's Reckoning by Rick Elkin

Trump's Reckoning

Bulldozing Progressivism, Rebuilding Americanism

by Rick Elkin

Pages: 332

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Commentary & Opinion
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE - Popular Culture
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Dysfunctional Families

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545634332

Price : $27.99

Type : Dust Jacket

ISBN : 9781545634349

Price : $46.99

It is not Donald Trump that is under siege. The real target of the relentless attacks on our President is freedom itself.
The hyper-politicized Department of Justice raid on President Trump’s personal attorney’s residence is proof that the constitutionally protected right to privacy and due process, the security of attorney client communications and the division of power between the three branches of government, are no longer sacrosanct. 
The ultimate irony, and potential threat to our Constitutional Republic, is that the Special Counsel appointed to investigate the possibility of a foreign governments intervention into our election process to disrupt our system and pit us against each other in a modern civil war, could actually be the instrument that achieves that end. The idea that a foreign interest could exploit our own American family dysfunction to such a tragic degree is heartbreaking.
And like everything that has happened since November 9th, 2016, Donald J. Trump will be right in the middle of it...

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