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Direct Democracy and More by Prof. Tudor Olimpius Bompa, Ph.D.

Direct Democracy and More

by Prof. Tudor Olimpius Bompa, Ph.D.

Pages: 202

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - American Government - National
  • HISTORY - World

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545645284

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ISBN : 9781545645291

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For the past 150 years, many countries of the world have tried various political systems. Although parliamentary democracy was a successful form of government in previous decades, when professional politicians took the power of representation from the people, this system became far too corrupted.
What if we lived in a world where citizens themselves could make decisions for their country without political parties, corruptible politicians, or toxic ideologies? In Direct Democracy, and More… Professor Tudor Olimpius Bompa, PhD, offers a different type of democracy, Direct Democracy, in which citizens can make decisions for their country by a direct vote, as a solution to today’s political constructs. 
Through an insightful comparative perspective of various political systems, the Romanian born Tudor Bompa uncovers the shortcomings and failures of today’s popular forms of government to reveal the necessity of an intelligent, effective democratic structure that places the power, representation, and decision-making ability, from the professional politicians of today, in the hands of the people.
Often called pure democracy, Direct Democracy is an uncommon political system that allows the people to directly approve or disapprove a law or constitutional change through a referendum. Even if the parliament proposes a change in the law, the people of the land would have the final vote in the matter. This type of democracy gives the citizens the right to make changes to their government or society that they feel are necessary. 
In this engaging proposal of pure democracy, Tudor Bompa will open your eyes to the amazing advantages of reshaping the current political landscape with a system that puts the people of each nation first. 
Direct Democracy and More…discusses few other hot topics of our time: how Russia has become such a huge empire, its policies to dominate/influence parts of the world, as well as showing statistics of the human cost of imposing, by brutal force, socialism and communism in several parts of the world. Finally, this book also discusses the negative effects of the policies of the Elites of the world: World Government, forced emigration, invasion of Europe by refugees to change the demographics of US, Europe, Australia, and New Zeeland.  Tudor Bompa also shares with the readers his plan of a constant peace in the world (Pax Constantia).
Do you want to live in a country that promotes freedom, justice, and the power of the people? Embrace the prospect of Direct Democracy.

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