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STATES UNITED by Douglas J. Lising


Fortifying our Society, our Culture, and our Republic with Selected Amendments to the Constitution of the United States And the Critical Role of the Assembly of State Legislatures

by Douglas J. Lising

Pages: 406

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - American Government - General
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Process - Political Advocacy

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545645352

Price : $22.49

Expanding the scope of Remember Roscoe Filburn, STATES UNITED suggests a cooperative effort among state governments to reduce federal involvement in activities that can be more efficiently and effectively performed at the state or local level. This and other adjustments to federal authority may be best addressed through the passage of selected amendments to the US Constitution through its Article V amendatory process.

DOUG LISING is a citizen concerned for our nation. He holds a Master of Science degree from Boston University, is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel with over 21 years of service, and is a retired founder (with his wife Rene) and CEO of Remtech Services, Inc., an award-winning computer services firm.

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