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The Undeniable Link Between Brain Chemistry and Function, Sustainable Happiness and Spirituality

by Charles Gant MD, PhD

Pages: 382

Dimensions: 8 x 10

  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Mindfulness & Meditation
  • EDUCATION - Philosophy, Theory & Social Aspects
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Ideologies - Fascism & Totalitarianism

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545664094

Price : $27.99

Awaken Your Godly Brain is a scientific, easy-to-read, treatise on interpersonal happiness, spirituality and political liberty. The steady escalation of violence and drug addiction, disintegration of family cohesion, governmental corruption, mental illness, media dishonesty and global fascism – to name a few disturbing trends – is not caused by Hollywood, political ideologies, propaganda or anything external to us. All that we fear in the world is caused by a deterioration of our greatest asset – our prefrontal Godly Brain.
We are born with a primitive reptilian brain that drives behavioral compulsions, allowing us to survive within various social “pecking orders” such as our family, academic and work environments. Two reptilian survival compulsions – necessary for animal survival – threaten human extinction.
1) Domination Compulsions
–The need to oppress, subjugate, control and bully others.
2) Submission Compulsions
– The willingness to be oppressed, subjugated, controlled and bullied.
A functional Godly Brain can abolish reptilian domination and submission compulsions, the root cause of socialism, war and unfathomable human suffering.
Backed by neuro-imagery studies, cognitive science and other evidence, brain awakening is described as happening in three successive stages:
1) Individuation
– A willingness to stand alone on ones selfhood despite conformist social pressures.
2) Self-Actualization
– A deepening recognition that “actually,” ones thoughts, feelings and behaviors come from within and have little to do with social conditioning.
3) Transcendence
– A realization that a separate ego is illusory.
We are “created equal” with the same basic brain hardware used by Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Moses, Lao Tzu and all the saints and sages throughout the ages, as they taught us about our inalienable transcendent potential. Like them, we have all the “right stuff” built into our brain simply waiting for a spark to ignite the awakening.
Awaken Your Godly Brain is a roadmap to sustainable happiness, transformative personal power and world survival!

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