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How Globalization has Impaired the Prosperity of the Middle- class and what Policy Makers should consider in the Future.

by Nicola J. DellaCioppa Jr

Pages: 244

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS - Business Ethics
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Public Policy - Economic Policy
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Economy

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545672075

Price : $16.99

Consequential Economics is one of the most relevant books of our times. While it is primarily focused on economics, it provides valuable insight into the causes for current affairs, such as The Green New Deal and the escalating tensions with China.
After reading this book the reader should gain valuable insight on the following topics:
•The virtues of Capitalism
•How Globalization has stripped away the greatest virtues of Capitalism and thrown many of its ideologies out of equilibrium
•How Globalization has created a new modern Elite class that no traditional tax policy can correct
•How certain Capitalistic competition can be extremely harmful to the citizenry
•Why the most critical personal expenses appear to be spiraling out of control
•Why Socialism is on the rise
•Why Republicans and Democrats have appeared to swap their constituency
•Will the United States follow the pattern of decline of the great empires that have come before it?
•Whether a trade war with China is in the United States best interest
•How trade has lost its foundational purpose under Globalization
•Whether Manufacturing Unions are still relevant and how they can become more relevant
•The Real causes for environments decline
After reading Consequential Economics you will understand why the economics we choose today is the reality we face tomorrow.


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