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45 by Jim Rogers


The First Term (2nd subtitle)-The media, the resist and obstruct Democrats and the Trump Presidency through the eyes of a blue state Independent voter

by Jim Rogers

Pages: 228

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - American Government - National
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Process - Media & Internet
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Process - Campaigns & Elections

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631291791

Price : $16.99

Type : Dust Jacket

ISBN : 9781631291807

Price : $30.99

On growing up with a dad who firmly believed that all Democrats are nuts: “He drilled it into my long term memory that the government doesn’t need to tax us more they just need to be more wise about how they spend it.”
On Trump’s 45 minute announcement speech at Trump Tower on June 16th, 2015: “June 16th was a return fire missile launching that was meant to protect a large group of people that felt ignored and pushed aside for the past eight years.”
On the similarities between Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura’s win in 1998 and Donald Trump’s win in 2016: “Anything in politics is possible if the people have had enough of the establishment...They will indeed rise up and win elections that nobody else thought they could win.”
On President Trump’s anti politically correct movement where it was okay to say Merry Christmas again: “To many it was a breath of fresh air after a growing number of years of having the air contaminated by over politically correct nonsense.”
On comparing the old days of CNN to what they are now: “What was once a respected news outlet has turned into nothing but a Democratic left wing network that spews nothing but propagandized editorialized filth.”
On the Republicans failure to come up with a plan for affordable health care: “Two years to come up with a solution...The Republicans apparently didn’t fully hear the message that 63 million voters sent on election day.”
On the Democrats resist, obstruct and impeach movement since Trump was elected: “It was an awfully disgraceful display of politics by a corrupt party...I truly hope that they get their party put back together for future elections. Until they do that I’m not interested.”

He was one of nearly 63 million people that voted for New York businessman Donald Trump in 2016. With President Trump’s first term in office in the final stages, the 53 year old author rises up out of the basket of deplorables to give a brutally honest assessment of one of the most, if not the most unforgettable elections in our nation’s history. Jim Rogers, an Independent voter and Mankato, Minnesota native writes about his thoughts in a truly one of a kind book.

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