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THE OBAMA ANNALS by Andrew P. Zappia


A Weekly Chronicle of the Obama Years

by Andrew P. Zappia

Pages: 540

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11

  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Presidents & Heads of State
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - American Government - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631295782

Price : $35.49

The election of Barak Obama as President was a watershed moment for our nation.  Not only was he the first African American ever elected President, but also he won in a landslide at a time of financial crisis at home, and terrorist threats abroad.  Mr. Obama won with a message of hope and change.  During his eight years in office, America and Mr. Obama changed in many ways, but throughout, Mr. Obama remained a divisive figure.  This book offers a comprehensive chronicle of the Obama Presidency, from its first week until its last.  It is a contemporaneous history, with each weekly chapter written within days of the events described.  What emerges from this chronicle is a history of the man, his times, and his efforts to transform America based on a liberal vision.  The book ends where it began, on the West Portico of the Capitol, with a new President being sworn in (the unconventional Republican victor Donald Trump), and his predecessor departing, a very disappointed Barak Obama.  It is for the reader to judge how much America changed for the better under Mr. Obama, and how much hope endured.

Andrew Zappia is an attorney who lives in Rochester, New York with his wife and two children. He has authored articles on various legal, historical, and current event topics, including pieces published in Legal Times, Crisis Magazine, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Legal Times, Diversity & Division Magazine, the New Jersey Law Journal, and other publications. He is also the author of the Franchise Law Chapter in the treatise Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts.

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