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WHO WOULD JESUS VOTE FOR? by Philip J Gentlesk


by Philip J Gentlesk

Pages: 86

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Ideologies - Conservatism & Liberalism
  • RELIGION - Religion, Politics & State
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Ideologies - Democracy

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781632214010

Price : $12.49

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781632214027

Price : $20.99

The year 2020 will be known for many circumstances this year, but one of them being that of it being an election year during a time of unrest.
During a time of civil discontent, heightened by a global pandemic, the question remains of who will step up as president (and government representatives) to lead the United States to recovery, reconciliation, and renewal?
In the new book, Who Would Jesus Vote For?, author Phil Gentlesk uses the pages of the Bible to help in displaying how much the current Democratic party has drifted from its foundations as the “party of the working man.”
Recalling his first election memories of President Eisenhower winning his election, Phil remembers learning about the candidates and what they stood for, while seeing what his community was looking at most for their next leader of the free world.
This thrill for election time is what inspired him to write Who Would Jesus Vote For?, knowing there would be young Americans voting for the first time this year who might be overwhelmed by the politics and social situations happening around them.
Phil shares with readers that the election should be seen as a spiritual battle as well as a political battle, offering perspectives on how the current Democratic party has spiritual conflicts that those who are believers in God should be aware of when casting their ballots.
The story of David comes to mind to Phil as a story God uses to show readers a leader chosen by God acts on His truths and knows what is the right thing to do. David wasn’t told to kill the giant Goliath, but knew inside this was right in God’s eyes.
For the year 2020, make your vote count by choosing the candidate that will do what is right and glorify God instead of glorify himself.


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