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Socialist Distancing by M. Randall Turner

Socialist Distancing

How Normal People Endure the Left

by M. Randall Turner

Pages: 320

Dimensions: 6 x 9

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ISBN : 9781632219756

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It seems, sending people to the Moon and bringing them back safely is a far simpler task than managing the outcome of a presidential election in America. National elections should be a time for celebrating our freedoms and a new future. The most recent aftermath of a presidential election is awkward, at best; in the worst case, fraught with error and ill-intentioned fervor.
America is beset by a cultural divide that tilts reality. The Left sees itself as protector of the downtrodden, including racial and ethnic minorities, and allies of immigrant and non-binary gender communities. Allies of the Left in America includes the Democratic Party, academia, high technology, news & entertainment media, and the at-large globalist elites. Phenomena like the “Me-Too” and “Cancel” movements, as well as social shaming to achieve certain goals are examples of coercion used by the Left to assert its control on the culture.
The American Right includes adherents of ‘American exceptionalism,’ claims alliance with those who have faith in God and are in sync with Judaeo-Christian traditions. The Right has faith in a system of fairness, justice and the time-honored work ethic that explains its strong affinity with the blue-collar work force, integral to the energy and manufacturing sectors. The Right is also proud to join the ever-growing corps of Black and Hispanic brothers and sisters in the march for Normal America!
Anomalies in our culture flow forcefully from the haughtiness of the Left. In “blue” cities and states, which cultivate Sanctuary jurisdictions as a means of sheltering immigrant law-breakers from the reach of federal law enforcement, it is ironic that these jurisdictions dictate austere restrictions on their own citizens’ freedoms during pandemics. They do this by enforcing harsh curfews, closings and no-go zones that repeatedly disregard the dangers to at-risk people. Those folks often succomb to drug dependency and even suicide in such arbitrarily restricted communities. Furthermore, such dour policies result in severe affects on the education of children, as well as threaten the existence of businesses unable to survive the repitition of forced closings.
Cultural diversity is wonderful…until it breeds contempt and intolerance. Neither cultural flavor, Left or Right, has the right to cancel people who disagree with them. Nor is it acceptable to publicly shame and attempt to dehumanize your cultural opponents and their family members in public settings. Humanity has rules of behavior and codes of conduct, which must be followed if we care about life and the pursuit of happiness.
Socialist Distancing provides the reader with unique perspectives on the culture from one who treasures America, its history and traditions and its place in the world. Similar to many who are mesmerized by these shifts and the growing gulf between cultural extremes, the author is saddened the Left has turned to socialism and Marxism in an attempt to challenge and destroy status quo cultural norms and values long treasured by the Right.
A must read for patriotic and nostalgic Americans who have not lost their faith in God, our Constitution, private enterprise, the sanctity of life and the collective equity of men and women of all colors and origins…known as Normal Americans!

Author Photo

The Author is a passionate conservative and an avid outdoor enthusiast. He served 4 years in an Army Special Operations Command (SOC). He earned BS & MS degrees in biology and worked as a consultant to developers, guiding them on how to minimize projects’ impacts on sensitive habitats, and how to mitigate impacts. He then negotiated for permits from environmental regulators.
He married the love of his life, Jane, the artist, and they were blessed with two world class children (Paul and Alison) and three perfect grandchildren (Gwyneth, Juliette and Victoria).

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