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DIVIDE & CONQUER by Jay Buenger


A Patriot's Call to Arms Against Racism, Cancel Culture, and Socialism

by Jay Buenger

Pages: 214

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Ideologies - Nationalism & Patriotism
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Ideologies - Radicalism
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Ideologies - Conservatism & Liberalism

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662824272

Price : $16.49

“That’s racist!”
No statement in the twenty-first century triggers such a raw, polarizing, impassioned response as that short accusation. Racism is finding itself being applied to almost everything these days – politics, statues, history, graduations, books, movies, even math. Its role is no longer to describe oppression or genuine injustices in the world, but rather to promote and glamourize a political campaign, social movement, or fundraising effort in its name. In Divide & Conquer, author Jay Buenger analyzes the use of the political left’s oldest and most trusted weapon – racism. He also dissects a number of other tools, from cancel culture, to government mandates, to propaganda, to mere feelings, that progressives and Washington elites are using to achieve their ultimate goal: power through division. Through the eyes of a long-time educator, Buenger warns of the true intentions of these weapons, and the effectiveness their use is having on our society – particularly on our minority communities and next generations. A cabal comprised of Democratic office holders, mainstream media, and the world of big tech are implementing a coordinated campaign to promote chaos and division, opening the door for excessive government reach and a one-way route to socialism. Divide & Conquer serves as a cautionary tale of the imminent dissolution our Republic faces if awareness and patriotism do not prevail.

Author Photo

Jay Buenger was born and raised in the rural Texas town of Industry, TX – population 304. The son of a lifelong elementary teacher and country veterinarian, he developed the God-fearing, conservative values that he carries with him to this day. A love for sports and shaping America’s youth led him into a career in teaching and coaching, a profession he has enjoyed for almost twenty years. Buenger currently resides just outside Brenham, TX with his beautiful wife, Elizabeth – also an educator of more than two decades. Along with a passion for writing, the two enjoy world-wide travel, cooking, and spending time outdoors in the tranquil Texas countryside. Jay is proud and excited to unveil Divide & Conquer, his debut publication.

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