Goodreads Advertising

Where book lovers come to play! Goodreads is a social media site built exclusively for avid readers and the authors who love them. Collect reader reviews, host question-and-answer sessions, and hang out with your fans. You can even advertise your book directly to the very readers who can’t get enough of your genre!

The first thing you’ll need is an official Author Account on Goodreads. We’ll include your official author bio and photo, as well as the kind of tidbits that book fanatics love to hear: the authors who inspire you, your favorite quotes, and more!

Then it’s time for Goodreads Advertising. Goodreads will run ads featuring your book cover design, a headline, and 140 characters of catchy text to showcase how irresistible your book is. How do we make sure your ads are shown to the right readers? These ads can be targeted by:

  • Gender
  • Genre: advertise only to readers of your specific genre
  • Fans: advertise directly to fans of popular authors in your field
  • By Country of Residence (upon request)

These ads are pay-per-click, which means you’re only charged when an ad is doing its job, and a user clicks through to your Goodreads book page. At the end of your campaign, you’ll get a report from our social media team with key stats like views, clicks and adds.

Interested in a month-to-month Goodreads advertising subscription? Ask your Marketing Specialist for details!

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