Royalty FAQs

What is a royalty?

A royalty is like a commission on the sales of your book. It’s paid to you for each copy of your book that is sold to bookstores, and on the internet. You are paid a percentage of each book sale, based on the amount Liberty Hill Publishing receives for each sale, minus printing and distribution costs.

How are my book royalties calculated?

Visit our Royalty Rates page to learn more about how your book royalties are calculated.

How can I track my book royalties?

We post royalty transaction details monthly for our authors online and process royalty statements and check payments quarterly on February, May, August and November. Book sales transactions are typically reported to us 60 days after the sale date. The data in these reports are surveyed and audited regularly to ensure accuracy. We do not currently offer real-time tracking of book sales or royalties.

When will I receive my royalty check?

Below is the quarterly check processing schedule:
• 1st Quarter – Sales from November, December and January will be paid in May.
• 2nd Quarter – Sales from February, March and April will be paid in August.
• 3rd Quarter – Sales from May, June and July will be paid in November.
• 4th Quarter – Sales from August, September and October will be paid in February.

How can and stores offer my book for a discount? Doesn’t my book have a set retail price?

Retailers buy your book at a wholesale discount based on the suggested retail price of your book. Your royalty is based on this discounted price. While many retailers will sell your book at the suggested retail price, some may choose to sell it for less. Since your royalty is based on the price the retailer pays when buying the book, either way you will make exactly the same royalty.

What is the retail price of my book?

Once you approve your final galley and know your book’s final page count, you can verify your book’s retail price. For more information, visit our current retail pricing page.

What is the wholesale price of my book?

It can range from 40% to 60% of the retail price of your book, but you can use 55% as an average. So if your book has a retail price of $12.99, the wholesale selling price will be, on average, $5.85. Remember, your royalty is paid on the wholesale price.

Can you let me know which specific bookstores purchased my book?

No. Distributors do not report specifically which bookstores or online retailers bought your book – just total sales when applicable.

Do the publisher, bookstore and distributor make money from my book’s sales in stores and online?

Yes, the distributor, store or website, and the publisher do make money from each book sold – just as is the case throughout the book publishing industry. But with Liberty Hill Publishing, you can make a lot more off each book sold than authors with traditional publishers do.

Why have I not received a royalty report and/or royalty check?

If you see sales reported in your Author Center account but have not receive a royalty check, it is most likely because we do not have a current W-9 on file for you. Information on W-9s can be found below in the next question. Other top reasons authors do not receive royalty checks are that they have not kept Liberty Hill Publishing updated on their mailing address, email address, phone number or other contact information. Contact your Author Service Representative any time you change your email address, phone number and/or mailing address. Please also remember that we do not send checks out until royalties do exceed $25.

What is a W-9 and why do I have to fill one out to receive a check?

You are required by law to fill out a W-9 for royalty payment earnings. We cannot process your check until we have this document on file for you and the information has been verified. If you’d like us to pay your royalties for the sales of your book, you MUST complete a W-9 or W8-BEN and mail it to our Royalties Department.

If you are a United States author, please download your W-9 tax form from the IRS website.

If you are an International author, please download your W8-BEN tax form from the IRS website.

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Still have questions about your royalties?

Please feel free to contact your Author Services Representative at 1-844-624-5426.