Editorial Services

Let Us Edit the Book You Have Worked So Hard to Write!

Editing is commonly overlooked, but is one of the most important steps when it comes to publishing your book. A good edit is often what sets a traditionally published book apart from one that is self-published. Our experienced editors have decades of publishing experience and will provide industry standard, high quality feedback on your work. Don’t let just anyone work on the book you have put so much effort into writing. We offer editing services for manuscripts in English and Spanish. Let our editors take your manuscript to the next level.

There is a $100 minimum charge for Full Editorial Services and Data Entry.

Manuscript Review * – $329.00

This service ensures your manuscript receives a complete editorial evaluation; meaning one of our editors will go through your file, highlight your book’s strengths and address weak areas. He or she will offer suggestions on how to improve the overall “takeaway” of your book, so that people not only read it, but recommend it to others as well. When this is completed you will receive a Manuscript Report providing a general summary, unbiased and constructive comments the editor feels would improve the manuscript, and if needed, a recommendation for further editorial services to help take your book to the next level.

Note: The manuscript review does not serve to replace an editorial service. It is a process through which an editor examines small portions of the manuscript to pinpoint areas that need improving with further editing. This service does not apply to poetry books.

Basic Copyediting * – $0.025/per word

This service is all about the mechanics. Your manuscript will be thoroughly reviewed by our editorial department to catch and correct any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and syntax. This service takes 3-4 weeks (based on 80,000 words or our current editorial schedule).

Line Editing * – $0.05/per word

This service digs a bit deeper into your work. The editor will focus on sentence restructuring to help improve the readability of your work, tighten wordy or awkward sentences, and change sentences from the passive-voice to the active-voice where needed. This will improve the manuscript’s word choice and overall flow for the reader. For fiction, the editor may advise on theme, character development and the plot as a whole. This kind of editing includes the services of the basic copyedit to make sure your manuscript is 100% ready for publication. This service takes 4-6 weeks (based on 80,000 words or our current editorial schedule).

Developmental Editing * – $0.075/per word

This service is the “big picture” editorial service. It is for those who have a solid idea, but are not sure how to organize the material. The editor will organize your manuscript by moving, cutting and shaping at the chapter and paragraph levels, in addition to providing feedback throughout your entire manuscript. Fictional books will be reviewed for character development, plot, dialogue, and flow of the story. Nonfiction books will be reviewed for theme, writing style and pace of the book. This service also includes the basic copyediting service to make sure your manuscript is ready for publication. The time for this service is based on the complexity of your manuscript and our current editorial schedule.

Data Entry – $0.015/per word

Please call for quote.

Do you want your book to make a lasting impression?

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* This service requires that your file be submitted in a Microsoft Word document. Our editing revisions will appear as track changes in your manuscript.