Facebook Advertising

Social media is where it’s at! Build your fan base on the world’s most popular social media platform, and use the power of Facebook’s second-to-none advertising platforms to find your future readers.

It starts with an official Facebook Fan Page. Got a Facebook profile? That’s great for keeping in touch with old friends and sharing your latest family photos. As a published author, you need an official Fan Page where you can interact exclusively with your readers.

With the Facebook Fan Page service, our social media team will create your page, and set you up as the owner. They’ll also add your bio information, upload your author photo, and create a custom header graphic to promote your book.

Ready to take things to the next level? You’re ready for our Facebook Ad Service. Facebook has invested thousands of hours (plus millions of dollars) into building some of the most targeted advertising channels in the world. Put all that knowledge to work for you!

Our social media team will use carefully curated graphics to promote your story within the Facebook news feed. We’ll hook readers with attention-grabbing text, and funnel them to your Fan Page, author website or bookstore page. How do you know it’s working? Our ad campaigns are pay-per-click, which means your ad budget is only charged when we do our jobs right—and users click on the ad.

At the end of your campaign, you’ll get a report from our social media team with key stats like the total number of people who saw the ad, the number of click-throughs, and more!