Press Release Service

Publicize Your Book with SEO Press Release Service and Newswires Blast to 1,600+ websites!

If you can get the news media to write about your book, or if you can get interviewed on a radio or TV program, it’s like getting free advertising! Publicity like that sells books, and hundreds of self-published authors have benefited from news coverage of their books. They have been featured on TV, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper.

Our press release program is staffed by professionals with experience in Conservative media. Our highly skilled writers will compose a newsworthy press release to get your book the attention it deserves. After we write your press release, we will post it to the industry’s most trafficked media service website. It will be distributed with your online bookstore link to 1,600+ websites including Yahoo!, AOL News, and MSNBC, as well as hundreds of thousands of subscribers through 300+ RSS feeds.

The press release service includes:

  • A professionally-crafted press release.
  • Distribution to 1,600+ websites, including some of the Internet’s most visited sites like Yahoo!, AOL News, and MSNBC.
  • Online distribution to hundreds of thousands of subscribers through 300+ RSS feeds. Your release will be going straight to journalists, influencers and your target audience.
  • We also post a copy of your Press Release on our website.