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Essays on the Ideology and Menace of Islam by Martin Slann

Essays on the Ideology and Menace of Islam

by Martin Slann

Pages: 94

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545674840

Price : $11.49

This volume’s essays were written over several months in order to acquaint the reader with aspects of Islam that are frequently denied or simply ignored by large swathes of the print and electronic media, politicians in both national parties, and public education at all levels.  Each essay is brief and can be read within two to three minutes, about the time required to read an op. Ed. piece in The New York Times or Wall Street Journal.  Overall, the essays’ foci are along the following lines:
• Islam’s 1400 year history as a violent and relentless adversary of the West
• Islam as a source of global hatred, anti-semitism, and perpetual war
• Islam’s political and totalitarian ideology
• The malevolence of appeasement of and accommodation to Islam
• The incompatibility of Islam and western democracy
Other corollary but significant issues include considerations of:
• Islam as a totalitarian system
• Institutionalized abuse by Islam of non-muslims, women, and apostates
• Islam’s sense of superiority 
The essays are not scholarly pieces, but their content is easily documented.  A list of readable and helpful references are provided at the end of the volume.  
Your input and (even severe) criticism are welcome.  Feel free to contact me at  

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