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America 2.0 by David Levien

America 2.0

Retooling America

by David Levien

Pages: 298

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Ideologies - Nationalism & Patriotism
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Political Ideologies - Democracy

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545677353

Price : $17.99

This book represents strong support for America’s great leader, President Trump. It espouses compassion, honesty, and fairness. It supports the American people against assaults from elitist plutocrats-Democrats and some establishment Republicans. President Trump is rapidly improving the lot of all Americans with those in the heartland, minorities, and previously marginalized improving rapidly. Every hockey team needs an enforcer and luckily President Trump has his share. Assaults on America come from “fat cat” politicians living in luxurious communities and content when manufacturing jobs were sucked out of America, impoverishing many Americans. These “fat cat” oligarchs ignore a subset of inner city minorities who live in squalor, vulnerable to gang violence, condemned to failing schools and hopelessness. Democrats let our brave war fighters be maimed and killed due to profoundly unfair rules of engagement, imposed on our warriors by the Obama administration. Our police were murdered after being vilified by Democrat politicians and a negligent press. President Trump’s policies are reversing this downhill spiral. He helped our military rapidly destroy Isis’s califate which grew like a cancer under Obama’s dithering demeanor. We can return to civility and aim for the peaceable kingdom when assaults on our President and our Nation cease.

Author Photo

Dr. David Levien is a hard-working American who wrote this book for all honest Americans. He wrote it to protect a great patriot and humanitarian, President Trump, who is rapidly improving the lot of people in the heartland and people in forgotten neighborhoods that have been exploited by Democrats, neighborhoods allowed to decay by the Democrat insiders.  Dave is a healer, an author, an educator, an executive, and board member. He is eager to be conciliatory which will only be possible when the Democrat oligarchs forsake corruption and venality.

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