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Conscious Matrix: by Nancy J. Woolf

Conscious Matrix:

Our Portal to God

by Nancy J. Woolf

Pages: 254

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Religion & Science
  • RELIGION - Psychology of Religion
  • RELIGION - Comparative Religion

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ISBN : 9781630508586

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Our conscious matrix tires to make sense out of everything- from simple to profound. Our concept of God is the highest concept in our mind, and it shapes all concepts that are subordinate. The depth and breadth of our belief supports the conclusion that God truly exists; He is real. Our belief in God represents something real in the same way the visual consciousness represent a reality that is the world around us. We can test the hypothesis that our concept of God represents something real using the same method that scientists use.
Our minds are deeply entangled with the mind of God. Quantum mind theory shows us how that is possible. As newborn infants, we’re equipped with the ability to connect to others, to learn language, and to create and invent all that we need to carry out our lives. There’s good evidence that our soul is already connected to the soul of God, and that’s what enables a readiness to do all that humankind is capable of doing. But just as our conscious matrix connects us to God before birth, we may remain connected to God for all eternity. These and other ideas are explored.
Our belief in God directly impacts our life and other people’s lives around us. We can look at how religion developed and compare that to how the human mind develops. Our conscious experience of God has existed since ancient times. Christianity today has the most adherents of any major religion. But we are not alone in our belief in God. Nearly all the major religions today possess some of the same fundamental core beliefs. By examining beliefs over time and across geographical locations, we gain a better understanding of how human beings perceive God.

Dr. Nancy Woolf is a professor emeritus in the psychology department at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she spent 30 years before retiring in 2009. She currently lives in Las Vegas. Her research and teaching focused on higher cognition, including microtubules and tubulin proteins in learning, memory, and higher consciousness. Nancy has contributed more than 75 articles to various scholarly journals and two books. She’s also the recipient of the Colby Prize from the Sigma Kappa Foundation in 1990, a Distinguished Teaching Award from UCLA in 2008, and the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.

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