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by Neil Levesque

Pages: 296

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - African American - Historical
  • FICTION - Historical - General
  • FICTION - Political

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631293801

Price : $17.99

We often wonder what it was like to live in the past. We learn about human history through books and museums. What if one day, history opens up to you?
In 1994, an antique coin was discovered out in the woods of an old farm in Exeter, New Hampshire. Research has proven that this ancient copper piece, the 1694 New England Elephant Token, was along Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad at some time in the 1800s. The token carries a rich history spanning three centuries of great significance to America’s past, presence, and future.
Copper elephant tokens of three types were manufactured in London in 1694. Two types are assumed to have been manufactured by marketing companies whose plans for wealth considered African slavery a major asset. A third style of the 1694 elephant token was made, however, for motives revealed in this novel, showing years of astoundingly connected events and other facts and how this token changed the course of America forever.
In America’s Token of Freedom, Neil Levesque delves into over three hundred years of human history, revealing newly discovered relationships between African slaving businesses, political onsets in America, the Underground Railroad freedom trail, and more. This historical novel shows how good people fought back against the inhumanity of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and what life was like during this period of America’s evolution.
Come along on the journey and read about the New England Elephant Token, why it says God Preserve New England, and why its impact is still felt today. Journey into the past as well as a potential future, seeing how this ancient token has played and will continue to play a role in the survival of freedom-based philosophies in the America we know and love.

Author Photo

Neil Levesque is a US Navy submarine veteran who used the military’s great training to enter into thirty-five years of America’s awe-inspiring nuclear power industry. For twenty-eight of those years, he and his wife lived in Exeter, New Hampshire where they raised two children on an historical farmland. He ran over twelve-thousand miles with a team of runners for over a decade throughout this politically historical town. His military past, his discoveries on his farmland, his MBA degree from Norwich University, and this town which started America’s right to freedom all resulted in Neil’s evolution of this historical, godly novel.

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