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A Novel Of the Russian Revolution A American Army Platoon is trapped in Revolutionary Russia and is forced to flee thru Siberia. They encounter and are attacked by Cossacks, Red Communist. They fac

by Thomas H. Webb

Pages: 512

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Historical - General
  • FICTION - War & Military
  • FICTION - Political

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631294990

Price : $26.49

Type : Dust Jacket

ISBN : 9781631295003

Price : $43.49

Stranded in southern Siberia as the White Russian resistance to the Red Communist, the 40 man train guard unit. Is given command to get out of the country by any means possible. But that in spring a American whaling ship would come to Norvik, Russia on the arctic circle for their extraction.
The general and broad order gave young Lt. Connor several options to consider. If he chose to take his unit north to Norvik, it was going to be over 2000 miles in a Siberian winter march. He could take his small unit down into China and try to reach friendly Americans there. But the distance was even further and he would have to pass thru Japanese controlled Manchuria to reach them.
Or he could surrender to the Russian Communists and their Cossak allies. Soon that was going to be the only option. As the last White Russian base on the Trans Siberian Railway was slowly being encircled by overwhelming Redforces.
After a meeting with his Non Commissioned Officers, Lt. Connor made his decision. It would be Norvik, Russia. He would convert his USArmy infantry platoon into a mounted infantry unit and ride into the Siberian winter for Norvik. Between the safety of a American whaling ship….stood Red Russian cavalry units, Red aligned Cossack tribes, packs of wild animals and treacherous terrain.
Does the platoon of 40 Americans have the military skills and abilities to make the long dangerous journey? Does the young Lt. Connor have the leadership skills to bring them out? There were more questions than answers. More dangers than the ones known. These answers to these await the read in this first historical novel of a five book series….of the last out platoon.

Author Photo

Tom Webb is a retired White House appointee to the Department of Defense. As a researcher and analyst, he had input in some of our countries major military operations of the last several decades.
Now he has researched and written a series of five historical novels beginning with the Russian Revolution of 1919-20. Using his research skills, he next writes on China’s reconstruction period of 1926-7 under the Generalissimo.
Then he considers Adolph Hitler’s rise to power during the great depression in the 1932s. To end with World War II’s, Ally and Axis global confrontation and the beginning of the Cold War.

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