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Unequally Yoked by Bambi Francisco

Unequally Yoked

Finding Balance and Hope in Our Differences.

by Bambi Francisco

Pages: 264

Dimensions: 6 x 9

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Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781632212740

Price : $17.49

Type : Dust Jacket

ISBN : 9781632212757

Price : $32.49

“Don’t treat this as a political book. It is a work of intelligence: Bambi has lived behind enemy lines of both factions in the American culture war, and both would do well to learn from her reporting and analysis.”
— Peter Thiel, investor and author of “Zero to One”
The bad news: You’re being manipulated by a divisive false narrative that is being force fed by a commandeered media machine. The good news: Our country isn’t nearly as divided as you’re being led to believe. Unequally Yoked is an examination of America’s raging culture war. A deconstruction of the forces that are working to pull this country apart, and a defense of the founding principles of the greatest nation on earth.
Drawing on her experience as an award-winning journalist and a Christian conservative living in Silicon Valley, Bambi Francisco shows how the progressive left hijacked the national conversation, shaped a false narrative that America’s original sin is racism, and is promoting a path forward that will destroy the institutions that got us here. The book examines gender and race relations, breaking down the media to reveal the weaponization of movements like #metoo and BLM, and the strategy of division in the name of harmony.
Whatever your political leanings, this book is a provocative read that shows how the false narrative came to be and how it is trying to fill a God-shaped hole in our hearts. Postmodern relativism has canceled free speech and has put power at the center of culture. Her solution is for us all to start with a posture of forgiveness and grace, enabling us to uproot the source of all sin, evil itself.
“There’s no question we live in divisive times, and social media amplifies our differences like a giant blinking neon sign. Bambi Francisco’s reflective Unequally Yoked shows that today’s social structure of differences is a false narrative and the solution is to look inward before looking outward. We should try it.”
— Andy Kessler, Inside View columnist, Wall Street Journal

Author Photo

Bambi Francisco is a Filipina-American wife, mother, entrepreneur, investor and writer. She is co-founder and CEO of Vator, a platform for entrepreneurs and investors. She co-founded Invent Health, a forum for digital health innovators, with a focus on mental and behavioral health. She was an award-winning syndicated columnist and TV correspondent for Dow Jones MarketWatch. She is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Economics and studied Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary. Follow @bambi100 on Twitter and Parler.

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