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by Ghassan K. Al-Chaar

Pages: 222

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Commentary & Opinion
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Comparative Politics

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662811944

Price : $23.99

While the democratic system is the most advanced among others, it is clearly not perfect and requires updating by using the advancements in technologies and the maturity of the public. Just like other security-based political system democracy developed and formed structures that suit the return of politicians to power through their manipulation of systems that appears to be systematic and fair, but inside it is well-designed to meet the interests of special groups instead of the general public.
In this book, the author identified the gaps in political systems and proposed an automated political system that fulfills the interests of the voters. He also shaded the light on many fields highly influenced by political systems. The automated political system aimed to make the real voices of public individuals accountable and free of biasness that comes in many forms and sources with barriers that carry fascism elements.
The author presented his visions about world economies, trades, currencies, globalization, social realities, population growth, political psychology, and their relevancy to political science. He proposed a methodology for decision makers on how and where to invest resources and budgets to optimize the rate of return toward prosperous societies.

Author Photo

Dr. Ghassan Al-Chaar is a Senior Structural Researcher simultaneously performed and directed multiple high-impact research evaluating innovative technologies. He developed new guidelines, new criteria, and resolved technical issues where limited precedents exist. He was chosen as the FY18 ERDC Researcher of the Year Award, which recognized his achievements in developing innovative construction material technology solutions. His research team was among the first worldwide to successfully demonstrate structural 3D printing of concrete. He has published approximately 100 scientific publications and has been granted 7 patents. He is a recipient of Dr. R.G. Drysdale Award for Best Research Paper 9th Canadian Masonry Symposium.

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