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PRECISION by d.c. scot



by d.c. scot

Pages: 366

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • FICTION - Mystery & Detective - General
  • FICTION - Thrillers - Crime
  • FICTION - Christian - Romance - Suspense

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662817847

Price : $20.49

A retired detective, fighting boredom, asks permission to study cold case files at his new job. One piqued his interest. He was at least vaguely familiar with both of the victims. The person who placed the files in their rightful boxes had the same uneasy feeling that first grade detective Jay Magruder did. This file, although closed by the local D.A. as a murder- suicide five years before, was placed by this person in the “Case Unsolved, Investigation Discontinued” box.
Magruder was not able to reason why he felt as he did, until today. He convinces his direct superior to help him take out an ad, offering a small reward, on social media. A very tall young man is his early twenties answers the ad that afternoon. He knows every detail of the story. He tells Jay it will only cost him time. He is not interested in the reward money.
Magruder is not only curious as to who committed the murder, he also wants to know the identity of the young man. Even stranger than the case, he thinks, is the fact that a young man would know every detail of a story that entails more than twenty-five years. This is longer than the narrator has been alive. (Be sure to read the epilogue, where the narrator’s identity is revealed. His identity explains how he knows the whole story).
This is a romance novel in addition to being a murder mystery. The reader might also try to guess the identity of the second victim as well as the narrator’s identity in the course of the story. This book has plenty about sports in addition to the mysteries listed above. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
D.C. Scott

D.C. Scott is a new name in murder/mystery writing. He has been published, under his real name, in newspaper and magazine article that date back twenty years. He is now employed by a large university in the health care profession.
After obtaining a degree in agriculture and working in this field for over twenty years, the author resumed his college studies to become a nurse. He is currently employed by a large state university in this capacity.
When not working or writing, the author enjoys swimming, cycling, and walking his dog. As a former long-distance runner and triathlete, these activities help keep the author in shape physically. .He also enjoys reading in his spare time.

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