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The Coin by W. T. Earley

The Coin

by W. T. Earley

Pages: 416

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • FICTION - Alternative History
  • FICTION - Science Fiction - General
  • FICTION - Dystopian

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662863288

Price : $22.49

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In a post-WWIII dystopian world, China and her proxies reign supreme. Freedom is a distant memory. The CCP’s puppet regime, the Legacy, mercilessly controls what was the former continental United States.
Molon Labe resistance fighters combat for a return to American values, while Leon y Cordero – an underground Christian organization – sees its numbers begin to burgeon internationally. Population control is dictated by an implantable device tied to a unique Coin. The secrets of the Coin are understood by a limited few. The dangers associated with the Coin are extreme, hidden, and final.
After her husband dies under suspicious circumstances, Dr. Jeannie Garcia is unavoidably thrust into a world she never knew furtively coexisted alongside her stable, regime-privileged life. To save herself and her two young girls, Dr. Jeannie is forced to confront her husband’s secret double-life, the regime’s treachery, and her own unwitting complicity in it all.

Author Photo

W. T. Earley is an American author, lawyer, broadcaster, speaker, and community leader. After graduating from high school, he lived in West Berlin, Germany, for one year as 
a foreign exchange student during the height of the Cold War. He holds degrees from San Diego State University (Business Administration - Finance) and Georgetown University 
Law Center. 
While living in Washington, D.C., W. T. worked on Capitol Hill in the United States Senate. Throughout his professional career, he worked at the intersection of law, business, politics, and public policy. A tireless advocate for common sense solutions to our nation’s biggest challenges, he has been a respected voice for families, older adults, those battling disease, the displaced, and everyday Americans. 
An avid traveler, he has journeyed to over two dozen countries. A native Californian, he, his wife, daughter, and chocolate Labrador retriever live in the Upper Midwest.

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