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The Natural State of Medical Practice by William H. Adams, MD

The Natural State of Medical Practice


by William H. Adams, MD

Pages: 226

Dimensions: 7 x 10

  • HISTORY - World
  • MEDICAL - History
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - History & Theory

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662870842

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ISBN : 9781662870859

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This climactic, some might say apocalyptic, volume analyzes eighteen select topics from the three-volume historical work, The Natural State of Medical Practice, for its relevance to today’s world, with a focus on common citizenry as the sole source of human progress. Using his Isagorial Theory of Human Progress as supported by the evidence of those volumes, Dr. Adams clarifies the vital role of human freedom, morality, virtue, and progress based on recognition of natural rights, (2) explains the pivotal role of natural law (Ten Commandments) and the Reformation to modern progress, and (3) identifies the anathema of authoritarian governance as due not only to bad choices and to controlling choice, but, by marginalizing the common citizenry, also to limiting options from which to choose. After proving that the Isagorial Theory of Human Progress is applicable to political as well as to apolitical domains, the volume concludes that the only true and mature civilization in world history is the Judeo-Christian. As that civilization’s advocacy for civil liberty and its beneficence, including a doubling of human life expectancy, is increasingly adopted by common citizenry around the world, its humane coincidence of philosophical, political, religious and technical thinking augurs well for mankind’s future. But it is increasingly demeaned by elite political classes, who, to control and direct the common man and woman, demand increasingly expansive national and global government.

William H. Adams, MD, FACP, DCMT (London), began his search for the natural state of medical practice while on the staff of a large municipal hospital in New York City. Dissatisfied by aspects of medical practice in recent decades, he continued the search after retirement which, after twenty years, has culminated in this four-volume testimonial to the role of group freedom for the common man and woman in human progress. 

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