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Trouble at the Waterpark by Amanda Elizabeth

Trouble at the Waterpark

A Gentle Introduction to Law and Order at our Border

by Amanda Elizabeth

Pages: 32

Dimensions: 8 x 8

  • JUVENILE FICTION - Social Themes - Emigration & Immigration
  • JUVENILE FICTION - Social Themes - Values & Virtues
  • JUVENILE FICTION - Politics & Government

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662881299

Price : $14.99

“Trouble at the Waterpark” is a delightful tale that serves as a gentle introduction to the concept of law and order at our border.
At the bustling town waterpark, a group of excited kids eagerly awaits their turn on the brand-new waterslide! However, trouble brews when some children disregard the rules, climbing over fences and cutting in line without a second thought.
Mark takes a stand alongside his friends, seeking the help of a supportive security guard. The guards swiftly address the issue, reminding everyone that the rules are in place for a reason.
Through vivid illustrations and a relatable storyline, “Trouble at the Waterpark” teaches children the importance of patience, respect, and abiding by established rules. It encourages them to stand up for themselves and others, promoting unity and strength in the face of challenges!
This book sparks meaningful conversations about the significance of law and order, and maintaining fairness and harmony. With its captivating narrative and valuable life lessons, “Trouble at the Waterpark” is a must-read for young readers, empowering them to be responsible and considerate individuals who contribute positively to their communities!

Author Photo

Meet Amanda Elizabeth, the fun-loving and creative force behind Raised Right Books! As a nanny and homeschool teacher, Amanda knows the importance of instilling conservative values in children from a young age. However, she noticed that the children’s books she loved reading to her little ones were missing this crucial element.
Ever the problem solver, Amanda decided to take matters into her own hands and create Raised Right Books. With her love for linking books to lesson plans and her passion for conservative values, she set out to fill the gap in the market.
Amanda’s books are known for their beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, relatable characters, and simple storylines that kids can’t get enough of. With Raised Right Books, Amanda is on a mission to help raise the next generation of leaders who are grounded in traditional values and prepared to take on the world. So let’s join Amanda and raise our kids right, one book at a time!

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