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Lessons From My Animals by Jim Reddy

Lessons From My Animals

by Jim Reddy

Pages: 118

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • HUMOR - Topic - Animals
  • HUMOR - General
  • PETS - Essays & Narratives

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662881305

Price : $16.49

In his book that is at times poignant, at times provocative, and always laden with humor, author Jim Reddy introduces the reader to each of the many animals that have called his rural 20-acre property their home over the past few years. Through his recounting of their quirky personalities and often-hilarious antics, he brings to light the lessons they taught him, and how they each helped him remember his humanity during one of the most stressful and tumultuous times our nation has had to endure. Throughout, Jim also takes humorous aim at the people, events, trends, and challenges that have dominated and polarized our society including CRT, cancel culture, new pronouns, men in women’s bathing suits, bright orange former presidents, and very dim current presidents. See what I mean? That last bit was an example of Jim’s humor right there. Really.

Author Photo

Jim Reddy is a former healthcare administrator with over 30 years experience managing medical practices and hospital imaging centers. In 2020 he left the field and he and his partner, Katherine, began dedicating their time and energy to caring for the many lost, stray, abused, or otherwise unwanted animals that had come into their life since they moved to their 20-acre property in rural America. He credits these wonderful creatures and their quirky personalities with helping him maintain his (questionable) sanity and- more importantly- his humanity during a time of unprecedented chaos and craziness in our country since the arrival of covid.
His writing style and wit have been noted by such luminaries as his mother and his agent with accolades like “Best penmanship I ever saw!” and “My son is such a good boy!”
Actually, his mother is his agent. But she did say those things.

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