Color Book Guidelines & Instructions

Please note: Your book cannot be any longer than 120 finished pages in order to have your book published in color. We do not offer the scanning option for color books.

Color – Interior PDF Guidelines

Before you submit your book please review our Color Interior PDF Submission Guidelines for all necessary information and instructions.

Important note: many authors are surprised by the difficulty of creating a print-ready pdf and find creating them to be a frustrating process. If you or your chosen designer do not create PDFs professionally, on a daily basis and you are not digitally certified with a high-volume book printer, we strongly advise you against submitting your book text or cover in pdf (print-ready) format. There is a big difference between a normal pdf and a print-ready PDF. We require print-ready PDF’s to exact specs for publishing. Extensive delays and additional costs could be incurred if you choose this option and have to resubmit your pdf numerous times. Please see our staff to find a digitally certified person that can assist you.

Unfortunately, Liberty Hill Publishing does not offer training in how to create print-ready PDF’s, (though we do provide guidelines). We have freelance graphic artists and professional formatters that we can recommend to you that can follow our guidelines and present to you a pdf file that is printable according to Liberty Hill specifications. This would be an additional fee to be paid to the freelance person. Please ask you’re publishing consultant for details.

Color – Cover PDF Guidelines

If you’ve already designed your book cover, or if you’ve designed the front cover only and you want Liberty Hill to design your back cover and spine, please review our Front Cover Design Guidelines for information and instructions.

For a paperback color book cover design, please review our Full Cover Art Design Guidelines information and instructions.

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