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I LOVE YOU by Johnny Estrada


by Johnny Estrada

Pages: 88

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Love & Romance
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Life Stages - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662867965

Price : $12.49

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781662867972

Price : $20.99

“I love you this much” is a phrase that a lot of people use to express their love for another person. There are many sentimental thoughts, words, feelings, and a lot of things from A to Z that loving people will say to each other. In this book, I expand a little more on the phrase “I love you.” Each chapter has a thought, followed by repeating the words…I love you. I believe in… Love at first sight…
When a person meets another person for the first time, the person feels butterflies in their stomach immediately, then to me that is… love at first sight. Every person around the world will experience puppy love. Puppy love is probably one of the most painful feelings ever. When you meet the right person, and you both have really deep feelings for each other…you will be in love forever and ever.

Author Photo

My name is Johnny Estrada, I am a United States Navy Veteran. Served one- year shore duty at Pensacola Naval Air Station Pensacola Florida, and three seasick years on board the USS Papago ATF-160 home port, Little Creek Virginia. I was born in San Antonio Texas. My single mom raised me, one brother, and three sisters. My mother decided to move the family to Southern California. My mother was both mom and dad to the family. She was a strong-minded person, and she was my mentor. She taught the family about positive thinking. My mom always had projects for us kids to do and thus… we did not have time to be out on the streets with maybe bad company. My mother would always tell me to do my best, to go the extra mile, and m¬ore important… if I failed at something, to do it again, and again.

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