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Transgenderism is a Mental Disorder by Joseph Zimmerman

Transgenderism is a Mental Disorder

by Joseph Zimmerman

Pages: 30

Dimensions: 8 x 8

  • RELIGION - Sexuality & Gender Studies
  • EDUCATION - Decision-Making & Problem Solving

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662881947

Price : $14.99

I hope you never have to read this book to your child. Unfortunately, we live in a time when our government pushes their agenda on our kids and asserts that parents are the problem if we disagree with their amoral teachings. So if your childs teacher or anyone else has exposed your child to this idealogy this book will offer a glimmer of truth in a sea of confusion. This story helps us understand what is disordered about the transgender ideology being pushed on our kids. The ideas presented will help adults and children understand what is wrong with this ideology and how to live in truth and lovingly oppose disorder.

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Joseph Zimmerman started writing children’s books when he discovered that his children’s teachers were reading “Gender Identity” books to his children. Schools should be teaching how to think and not what to think, but time and time again Joseph found that the teachers had agendas, and they were pushing their agendas on his kids. So, he took action in his own way by writing books to help kids think about the things their teachers or others say with an open mind and to critically think of the ideas being presented to them to see if they are solid ideas and not just accept what their teachers or others tell them. Joseph hopes that these books will help you and your child discuss and understand the ideology that is being pushed on them and discover why this ideology is not logical, not moral, and not truthful.
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